Our Green Ways

Sustainable practices are becoming more and more common. As a small hotel we do our best to do our part. We recycle, compost and constantly look for ways to conserve water and energy daily use.

Some of the ways that we conserve energy is by turning lights off, use energy saving bulbs, unplugging appliances when not in use, heating rooms individually.

To conserve water; we have low flow showerheads and toilets and for the older models of toilets, we use water filled bottles to displace water. This method saves us about 10 gallons of water each day for each toilet.

Planting some drought tolerant plants helps with using less water and all our used coffee packs and compost go straight into the garden soil.

There are soap/shampoo/conditioner dispensers in each the hotel showers which helps with less waste and less plastic.

We encourage guests to conserve water by using our Towel and Linen Reuse Program. We provide the guests with the option to reuse their towels and linens during their stay rather than having them changed daily. By taking advantage of these programs you help reduce the number of loads of laundry a hotel generates daily, which contributes to both water and energy savings.